Saudi National Digital Identity Management

is national initiative of the National Information Center of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to issue and manage citizen and residents digital identities similar to the physical ones. The goal is to define National Digital Identity Strategy governing the digital identities and reinforce it with robust implementation presented as a service.

Accordingly, MOI/NIC has expanded its physical identity infrastructure and created a National Digital Identity System in the goal to have highly secured, trusted and reliable Identity Platform that boost the confidence in online services across Saudi Arabia and GCC.

The platform is targeting 60 million users and offers:

  • Self-Service Registration,
  • Online Identification & Authentication of end-users,
  • Automated Federation with respect to Authentication Level,
  • Online Transactions PKI Signing and Validation.
  • Self-Service Credentials Management,
  • Online Service Providers Onboarding,
  • Online physical IDCard Post Issuance,
  • User Identity Validation and Provisioning,