Nafath Privacy Policy

Item 1: Introduction

In the belief in the importance and confidentiality of the data, and in order to provide the best levels of service, with the obligation to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of user data and the authority's to provide the best levels of service, with the obligation to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the data collected by users, the privacy and confidentiality of the information described below is part of the terms of use of Nafath platform.

Item 2: User Data

The term "user data" means all and any of the following:
  • Contact data and usage updates: contact data, including data on the device used to communicate, such as device language, system type, browser type, and user geographic location data.
  • Information entered from the user: such as face image and verification code.

Item 3: Data collection and storage

Data collection

Nafath platform user agrees that the app collects user data as well as contact data and usage updates.

Data storage

User information is stored in servers specified by the application management within Saudi Arabia, and application management ensures that these servers are protected from unauthorized penetration and access in accordance with established standards.

Delete account data

The user can delete his account if the registration is through the application and according to the possibilities to delete it, either if the application is an intermediary or the account cannot be deleted the application has the right to refuse to delete the account and inform the user of it.

Item 4: Use and disclosure

  • The user agrees that necessary data may be shared with other entities or departments if Nafath platform is used or send an email through the platform to provide personal data or report a technical problem to ensure a more effective service.
  • The platform's management protects personal user information by following proper procedures and cybersecurity standards in terms of collecting, preserving and handling data, in order to protect that data against unauthorized handling, modification, disclosure or destruction of personal data, and any information regarding transactions and data stored on the platform.
  • Access to user information for authorized employees is limited to the management of the platform and for the purposes and uses specified by the policies adopted by the management.
  • User data that is not specified for their identity may be used as cumulative statistical data and indicators and shared with all relevant entities as deemed appropriate by the management.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure the authenticity and validity of the data sent through the platform.

Item 5: User's Responsibility to Protect Privacy

To protect user information, we recommend:
  • Instantly contact the technical support of the app when the user believes that someone else has been able to obtain access information to their app account or any other confidential information.
  • Do not give any confidential information over the phone or the Internet
  • Do not share login information (username and password) with others.
  • Use the app through a secure electronic device while closing unused Internet-connected applications.
  • Make sure your antivirus program is always up to date.

Item 6: External Links

Nafath platform may enforce links to third parties, the application is not responsible for how third parties collect or use user ID information, and the user should refer to the privacy notices of those sites.

Item 7:Non-disclosure agreement

  • The term confidential information means all information that the user has disclosed or shared is managed by Nafath platform.
  • Nafath platform must maintain the confidentiality of the information provided by the user, and the service may not disclose any of that information to any third party except with the presence of a written permission from the user to do so unless it is authorized by the authorized entity or what is imposed by the local regulations in Saudi Arabia. The obligation to not disclose information includes any form of disclosure or participation, including but not limited to oral, written, and electronic disclosure.
  • The service may use this confidential information or confidential data disclosed by the user only for the purposes of improving the application's policies and performance.
  • Nafath platform agrees to limit the disclosure of confidential information to employees of the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority - the National Information Center who are asked or authorized to access this confidential information for the purpose of evaluation or participating in discussions related to it. The app's management should ensure that employees who have access to confidential information obtained from the user have signed a non-disclosure agreement before disclosing that information to these employees.
  • Any information created by Nafath platform using confidential information provided by the user to the application must have the same level of classification as confidential information and must be protected by an access application for any unauthorized disclosure to any entity.
  • If an application violates the validity of any of the above confidentiality provisions in any way, users are liable for the resulting damages.

Item 8:General provisions

  • Name of the platform supervisor: Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority - National Information Center, e-mail:
  • The Application Management (Nafath) reserves the right to add or change any of the provisions of the Privacy Policy, and the Management of Nafath platform will notify the user, and the application management has the right to terminate the user's account if the user does not accept any change in the privacy policy.
  • Arabic is adopted in the application of the terms and conditions of the privacy policy, and in the event of a dispute in the interpretation of any text contained in any other language, the text written in Arabic is provided.
  • The privacy policy is subject to Saudi Arabia's regulations, and in the event of a dispute - God forbid - relating to it, the competent authority in Saudi Arabia is authorized to consider disputes relating to or arising from the privacy policy.